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Exceptional Individualized Approach

Exceptional Individual Process approach to care sets Atlantis Caregiving Corporation apart from other In-Home Care Companies. Every individual person and every situation is completely unique, using our Exceptional Individual Process assists to identify specific needs of each client and create a unique care plan that meets the needs of all our clients.


Assessments and Reassessments

Assessments or reassessments, customization of the clinical care plan is developed in the comfort of your own home, hospital, or rehabilitation setting-wherever it is convenient to the client or their family. Annual reassessments (every 365 days with no medication administration, or every 90 days with medication administration).


Owners and Management are Committed to Providing The Highest Quality Measures

Atlantis Caregiving Corporation promises the highest guarantee for phenomenal customer service. One way our company does this is by unannounced supervisory visits, and quality checks in person or by phone to ensure satisfaction of our clients are being met.


Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Atlantis Caregiving Corporation Caregivers follow all COVID-19 Policies, Procedures, and mandates. Staff complete COVID-19 screenings prior to the start of all shifts. Caregivers are expected to pick up from our office all PPE needed to care for you as a client including gloves and masks. All Caregivers are required to wear gloves and masks during shift. We also have the capability to test Caregivers for COVID-19 in the office should a concern ever arise. All new hires are required to have COVID-19 vaccine with documentation of completion on a Vaccine Card.


Exclusive Hiring Process

The special technique used when matching the caregiver to the client is started by having the Administration Team complete Client Intake. This gives Atlantis Caregiving Corporation an opportunity to get to know what you are looking for in a Caregiver. Our hiring process contains multiple steps which include annual training, evaluations, and for peace of mind our caregivers are all insured and bonded.


Services Atlantis Caregiving Corporation Provides To Clients

Medication Management Home Care Services

  • Assess for adequate social and community support for medication compliance
  • Educate patient, patient's family, caregiver on proper dosage, frequency and side effects
  • Evaluate therapeutic response to medication(s) by assessing client
  • Assess the effectiveness of pain management of client
  • Coordination of patient's physician and pharmacist for optimum benefit and positive outcomes
  • Assessment for duplicate medications
  • Assist in developing medication schedule/process to enhance compliance per PCP orders
  • Review medication regime (complete listing of all prescribed and over-the-counter medicines found in the home)
  • Assess for drug interactions adherence
  • Documentation on a daily bases

Clients Safety Top Priority

Our highest promise of guarantee is assessing and making sure clients are safe in their own homes. Our staff are trained to provide the supervision, identify safety hazards, and eliminate fall risk to your loved ones.


Hygiene, Bathing Personalized To Each Client

Personal assistance to our valued clients on routine bases so they feel and look their very best. Regular routines for seniors is important because it reduces wounds, and UTI’s (urinary tract infections) that can be attributed to lack of hygiene and grooming routines. One of the biggest fears a senior can have is the fear of falling in the shower. Our caregivers assist them with getting in/out of the shower and cleaning or queuing the clients on showering steps. By having the standby assist this eliminates the fear of falling, which ensures safety in the home.


Dementia/Alzheimers Clients

One of the greatest challenges family/caregivers face is not knowing how much assistance to give or when to give it because the person with early-stage dementia is primarily independent with dressing, bathing, walking and may still drive, volunteer or work. Difficult tasks may involve managing a daily schedule or household budget.

Support for these everyday tasks can help the person with dementia develop new coping strategies that will help to maximize independence. The key to success is finding a balance between interdependence and independence may increase confidence for your loved ones.

Ways to determine when and even how to provide the most appropriate support to individuals living in the early stage of dementia consider these tips:

  • Safety First: Is any immediate safety risk involved for the person with dementia to perform this task alone? If there is no immediate risk of injury or harm, provide encouragement and continue to provide supervision.
  • Avoid Undo Stress/Hardship: Prioritize tasks that do not cause unnecessary stress for the person with Dementia/Alzheimer. Being proactive versus reactive is always a more successful approach for your loved ones and reduces stress.
  • Meaningful activities: Pictures and discussions about a senior’s past focuses on their life and their accomplishments. Music is always a wonderful activity to chose from their generation that can help bring back the magic of the moments in their life.
  • Keeping active: Essential activities to keep seniors active, this can compose of walking, water aerobics, yoga, Tai chi, massage, physical therapy, art classes, senior centers, etc.

Meal Prep and Planning

Proper nutrition is important to keep the body strong and healthy. For every individual person including Alzheimer's or dementia, poor nutrition may increase behavioral symptoms and cause weight loss. Our caregivers provide meal preparation and assist with feeding when needed to give the nutrients to our valued clients daily.



Our caregivers are skilled in the art of transferring the client from bed/chair/or wheelchair. Proper safety techniques and movement is essential in care to lower the risk of bedsores, falls or injuries at the same time of keeping the clients we serve comfortable as possible.


Light Housekeeping/Shopping/Errands/Transportation

Caregivers in-home services provide light housekeeping: vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleanings bathrooms (tub/shower/sink/toilets), cleaning the kitchen (sink/counters/taking the trash out/cleaning out fridge/microwave), straightening rooms, organize closets, changing linen on beds, etc. Shopping for groceries, clothes, cleaning supplies, medication, doctor appointments, social activities, lab work, etc.


Family Member Respite

Exhaustion happens to all of the families that provide care services to their loved ones. Atlantis Caregiving Corporation understands the importance of having the extra hands when you need a break. A few hours a week or per day we are here to help you in any way we can by providing peace of mind with the need of caregivers that provide the temporary relief of support. We understand and will support you and your loved one’s personalized plan of care is only a call away.


Payees Accepted
• Medicaid

• MedAmerica

• Veteran Affairs (VA)

• Long Term Care (LTC)

• Private Pay (Auto Pay Required)

• Providence ElderPlace Beaverton
• Oregon Project Independence (OPI) Washington County

• Reimbursement from various networks provided Atlantis is contracted as a provider

Disclaimer: Effective 8/8/2023 Atlantis Caregiving Corporation will no longer accept SAIF Insurance for In Home Caregiving Services. For 24/7 Care a two week Deposit will be required before starting services.


Smoke Free Workplace
For the safety of our Caregivers, Nurses, and Admin Team we do not provide services to Clients who smoke or vape indoors where our staff will be working. To learn more about the affects of second hand smoke in the workplace refer to the Oregon Health Authorities Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA).


Safe Workplace
Atlantis may terminate your services if management determines the services related to your care pose a significant risk to our Caregivers, Nurses, and Admin Team. For example if you:

• Refuse to secure an intimidating dog while staff is present.

• If you are unable or unwilling to remove/secure loaded firearms in your residence.

• Threatening or intimidating behavior from Client, family, friends, roommates, etc (verbal or physical) -Will be given an Immediate Termination of Services

• If illegal activities are observed at your residence.

• If health hazards are present such as mold growing throughout the residence.


Disclaimer: Atlantis Caregiving Corporation has a 4 Hour Shift Minimum Requirement for all shifts. For current rates contact the Atlantis Caregiving Corporation Office. All services provided are monitored to ensure not only the safety of Clients but also safety of Atlantis Staff. Atlantis Caregiving does not discriminate against clients for any reason. © Atlantis caregiving License # 15 - 2327

Caregiving Services

In-Home Caregiving Services help seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their own homes. Simply click the Request Services Button and complete an Online Intake Form.

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Atlantis Caregiving has a Resources Page with helpful resources for our Clients, Caregivers, and COVID-19 information.

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