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Lionel Larmanger

I have a decade of experience working within the Health Maintenance field for the Pacific Northwest region. In this time, I’ve provided quality customer service for my patients, while focusing on their needs as clients. Working within for seniors and disabled individuals has been the most rewarding experience of my life. More personally I hail from Paris, France, where I learned to appreciate the diversity of people. This has also granted me the unique privilege to have staffed around the world. I'm also the proud father of four and am an avid dog lover. While working in Health Maintenance, I’ve made many connections with local businesses. These include but aren’t limited to local healthcare facilities and hospitals, Veterans Office, Aloha Business Association, Washington County, Yamhill County, and Marion County. These connections have expanded my reach within the community, allowing me to provide the care individuals need. If I had to say, my staff are why people choose Atlantis Caregiving. We have a unique matching process for both clients and caregivers to ensure satisfaction. Our staff is reliable, efficient, and has the caregiver spirit! I couldn’t be prouder of my employees.

In conclusion, the goal of Atlantis Caregiving is to help the community one individual at a time.


Chief Executive Officer
Kimerie Larmanger, MBA

I started my career back at Tigard High School when I worked in the community at St Vincent’s for two years in the Infant Nursery and Tigard Nursing Home. I worked 20 years for Kaiser Permanente in various positions to include Materials Coordinator, Hospice Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Unit Secretary, Scheduler, Staffing, Payroll, Patient Care Manager.  I went on to complete my Bachelors in Business Administration, Masters in Healthcare Administration and Law School. I worked two companies during this time in caregiving and that is where I found the enjoyment of working with people that are disabled or seniors bringing joy to their lives. My husband and I married in 2005 and enjoy spending time at the coast, or trips to California. I have four beautiful children I spend time with ranging from 9 years to 35 years, and 3 amazing grandchildren that are such a joy to spend time with. Helping individuals in the community is rewarding for any individual, the best are the story tellers describing times from the past, truly the greatest moments of time.     


Director of Nursing
Vikki Blanchard, RN

I was born in Portland, Oregon and I have lived in Oregon my whole life. My Career in Healthcare began at the age of 15 with my first job. I started as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Long Term Care while working my way through school. Through school I progressed from a Certified Nursing Assistant to a Licensed Practical Nurse, then to a Registered Nurse. In 1980 I left Long Term Care to work at OHSU. Working on 9C I supported Neurology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Trauma, and ENT. I was very proficient at vent weaning and getting patients back to normalcy. I rejoice in positive outcomes and seeing patients regain their health. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and riding my Mustang Horses.


David Pflugrad, RN

I'm a Registered Nurse with Atlantis Caregiving. Some of my key responsibilities are delegating Caregivers while evaluating their performance in meeting patient needs in a safe and accurate manner. I believe in providing the highest level of skilled and compassionate care while also maintaining patient dignity. I graduated from Walla Walla University with a BSN and received my MPH from Loma Linda University. I have worked in a wide variety of healthcare settings and enjoy the relationships I've developed over the years with colleagues and patients. I have been consistently impressed with the synergy and accomplishments that can be achieved as care personnel work with their charges. In my free time I like to travel and explore new places.


Laura Ensign, RN

I was born in Kansas and moved to California when I was three where Escondido was my school age home town. I grew up with an active faith in God, loved people, physically very kinetic, riding horses and helping injured animals. When I was eight I contracted Histoplasmosis in my lungs on a trip to Nebraska. Bedridden & hospital stays for 5 years gave me my sense of what type a nurse made me feel better & vowed to be that nurse for others. I graduated from Loma Linda University with my RN have worked as staff RN med/surg , supervising, Home Health, physiotherapy nursing, Family practice clinic, and private duty.  Also six years of caring for my aging parents in my home has given me a strong perspective for family's needing caregiving assistance. I have four beloved grandkids I love spending time with.

Rhyzelle Perrenoud, RN

I recently moved to Oregon from California in March of 2022. I got my BSN from West Coast University and have been a nurse for 2 years. I started taking care of my mother who had multiple illnesses when I was 15 which inspired me to become a nurse. I love taking care of people and being able to help them reach their health goals. I can’t wait to learn and experience more of what healthcare has to offer. So I am excited that Atlantis has chosen to take me in to their amazing and inspiring team so that I can continue to grow in this profession. 


Senior Supervisor
James Julian

I have been in Healthcare for 15 years which the majority was working for Kaiser Permanente Clinical Pharmacy Services. During my ten year tenure in Clinical I supported a number of Teams including the Formulary Application Services Team (FAST), The International Travel Clinic, Medication Management Program (MMP), and Drug Use Management (DrUM). I have served in many roles in Clinical including Unit Based Team Colead, Union Steward, Mentors Committee Member, Process Improvement Committee Member, Safety Committee Member, and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Committee Member. When not working my family and I like to spend our free time going to the beach, camping, and having Barbecues.



Taren Evans

I was born and raised in Hillsboro Oregon, I grew up having to take care of my mother who had Guillain-Barré a rare, autoimmune disorder in which a person's own immune system damages the nerves. I was her caregiver until she passed, shortly after I decided to enlist into the military and go out and see the world. I was lucky enough to see some beautiful places such as Romania,Thailand, Germany, Ireland and Egypt. I spent 18 months in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Once i met the right Woman and started a family i decided to medically retire out of the Army after 13 years. I look forward to working with you all and continuing my career in the medical field.


Administrative Assistant
Kirsten Rhodes

I started in the Care Field a little over 8 1/2 years ago. I worked in a Care Facility for 7 1/2 years. I enjoy helping others making people smile and just simply making a difference in someone's life. I enjoy being a Caregiver. Working with Atlantis Caregiving and being a part  of ARK Foundation has given me more knowledge about care and how to be a better Caregiver. I still have lots of room to grow and learn new things about both companies. I do enjoy helping the students and working with the Instructor David.


Administrative Assistant
Jackeline Ramirez

I started as a Caregiver 4 years ago and I have always characterized myself as someone who helps people who need it the most. I have been married for 23 years. I have 3 children who I love and enjoy spending time with them on my days off. I'm very happy to start a new experience in my professional life. It makes me happy I belong to a great work team such as Atlantis Caregiving who are dedicated to caring for the elderly. I also like how Atlantis Caregiving treat the Clients and Employee's as part of a family which makes me happy knowing that I'm in the right place where I can learn a lot.


Administrative Assistant
Blake Larmanger

I have enjoyed learning all the new skills being an Admin Assistant part time for the Beaverton office. In my free time I'm an avid gamer. I also have a golden doodle dog named Rigel that I love spending time with. I want to go to college to pursue my dream career of being a diplomat between France and the United States. I have recently became inducted to the National Honor Society. I love working with my family at Atlantis and spending time with them on my off time weather going to the beach, the movies, or out to dinner.


In-home care services are a popular option for seniors and families with a wide range of in-home healthcare needs.


Professional caregivers can help seniors live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Job Opportunities

For those who need more intensive care and supervision, around-the-clock and live-in services are available.

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