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Atlantis Caregiving is proudly family owned and operated. The mission of Atlantis Caregiving is to be dedicated and maintaining the dignity, comfort, safety, independence, health, well-being, and happiness of each Client by referring the highest quality professional Caregivers at an affordable cost to the Client. That goal is to provide the best, in home caregiving and related services. Atlantis Caregiving Corp holds the license classification, Comprehensive. This classification allows Atlantis to provide personal care services which may include medication reminding, medication assistance, medication administration, and nursing services.

Services Provided

• Conversation and discussion of current and historic events to help sharpen memory
• Crafting and playing games for mental stimulation
• Meal preparation to help ensure nutrition needs are met
• Outdoor activities like gardening for fitness
• Outings to promote socialization
• Reminiscing as an enjoyable pastime
• Scrapbooking as a creative outlet
• Walking outside to promote an active lifestyle

Personal Care
• Bathing
• Dressing
• Grooming
• Incontinence care
• Ambulation
• Personal hygiene
• Toileting

Medication Services (non-injectable)

With Atlantis Caregiving, managing medications is a customizable service and we support medication management however needed. This can range from a caregiver ensuring you or your loved one takes their medications to arranging for a self-dispensing system. For clients we can oversee medication reconciliation and hospital orders and assess medication effects and there is always a Registered Nurse available to help, conduct and document a supervisory visit when medication administration is provided. The RN will oversee the medication training of all caregivers, along with testing their competency. It is not within the scope of Atlantis's license to manage the medical and health conditions of clients who are no longer stable or predictable for safety of the client.
• Medication Reminding
• Medication Assistance
• Medication Administration

Nursing Services

Nursing Services are supervised and delegated by an Oregon licensed RN who has completed Atlantis Caregiving specific orientation and training necessary to effectively oversee the Nursing and Medication Services provided by Atlantis.
• Assessment of physical
• Psychological needs
• Monitoring for actual or potential health Administration problems
• Health counseling to client (i.e. benefit of following special diet and/or exercise)
• Health teaching to client (i.e.) information on medication/special diet
• Obtain/confirm physician or licensed practitioner orders
• Delegated tasks of nursing


Special Services Provided
• 24 Hour/7 Days Care
• Hospice Care Services
• Palliative Care Services
• Dementia Care
• Respite Care (relief for family/caregiver)
• Transportation
• Transition of Care (changing from one level of care to another)


Payees Accepted
• Medicaid

• MedAmerica

• Veteran Affairs (VA)

• Long Term Care (LTC)

• Private Pay (Auto Pay Required)

• Providence ElderPlace Beaverton
• Oregon Project Independence (OPI) Washington County

• Reimbursement from various networks provided Atlantis is contracted as a provider

Disclaimer: Effective 8/8/2023 Atlantis Caregiving Corporation will no longer accept SAIF Insurance for In Home Caregiving Services. For 24/7 Care a two week Deposit will be required before starting services.


Smoke Free Workplace
For the safety of our Caregivers, Nurses, and Admin Team we do not provide services to Clients who smoke or vape indoors where our staff will be working. To learn more about the affects of second hand smoke in the workplace refer to the Oregon Health Authorities Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA).


Safe Workplace
Atlantis may terminate your services if management determines the services related to your care pose a significant risk to our Caregivers, Nurses, and Admin Team. For example if you:

• Refuse to secure an intimidating dog while staff is present.

• If you are unable or unwilling to remove/secure loaded firearms in your residence.

• Threatening or intimidating behavior from Client, family, friends, roommates, etc (verbal or physical) -Will be given an Immediate Termination of Services

• If illegal activities are observed at your residence.

• If health hazards are present such as mold growing throughout the residence.


Disclaimer: Atlantis Caregiving Corporation has a 4 Hour Shift Minimum Requirement for all shifts. For current rates contact the Atlantis Caregiving Corporation Office. All services provided are monitored to ensure not only the safety of Clients but also safety of Atlantis Staff. Atlantis Caregiving does not discriminate against clients for any reason. © Atlantis caregiving License # 15 - 2327

Caregiving Services

In-Home Caregiving Services help seniors and people with disabilities live independently in their own homes. Simply click the Request Services Button and complete an Online Intake Form.

Do you need Resources?

Atlantis Caregiving has a Resources Page with helpful resources for our Clients, Caregivers, and COVID-19 information.

Job Opportunities

Were Always Hiring so if you are looking to become a caregiver and join the Atlantis Team apply Today.

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