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Melinda Sanfilippo, FNPMelinda Sanfilippo, FNP is a well-seasoned healthcare professional. She started out as a BSN prepared RN and worked in many areas such as the hospital, home health, rehab and long-term care. After obtaining her MSN in administration and education, she taught nurses how to be great nurses for over 10 years. A little over 2 years ago, Melinda took the next step and obtained her FNP. Since then she has worked with the Medicaid and high needs populations seeing patients ranging from infants to almost 100 years of age. Her practice was preventative focused and did many health screenings to which immunizations and health screenings were promoted.

At the present, Melinda is focused on continuing that vision of helping others reach their healthcare goals. Her motto is "Helping to build a healthier community, one patient at a time". Melinda is individually focused using many of my interpersonal abilities to establish both trust and partnerships between a patient and their provider, for, without that trust, no one wins. Good Health is the goal for all, and to hold on to this gift of life that each of us has is the most important aspect life itself.

Melinda is a true farm girl. She has spent her whole life in some aspects of the agricultural way of life. As a young girl, her father was a sheep and fruit farmer in rural California and then relocated at a young age to Benton County, Oregon to expand their farming. It was her love of animals growing up that drove her into caring for others.  The rural life was the ideal way of life for her. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in nursing and won the Jean E. Boyle award for outstanding leadership abilities from University of Oregon School of Nursing (later name changed to Oregon Health Sciences University). For the next 25 years, she worked in the community with always keeping her focus on continuing health. She excelled in being able to find a way to balance both raising a family, volunteering in community-centric activism through the Hillsboro Jaycees, working in the home health, geriatric population, obstetrics, oncology, and general community-based nursing care.

She truly lives the embodiment of community care, as she developed and led for over 25 years the Washington County Trees of Giving; where she organized the community by providing toys and new clothing to over 450 area low-income children each Christmas time. She comes with a teaching focus too. She taught nursing classes for over 10 years to developing nurses by teaching them the love of the community and embracing community diversity. She finally reached her dream of being able to do even more for her community by opening her own community focus healthcare clinic in the rural areas of Western Washington County.

She accepts all insurances and if no insurance coverage she will work out a sliding scale or low payment options.


In-home care services are a popular option for seniors and families with a wide range of in-home healthcare needs.


Professional caregivers can help seniors live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Job Opportunities

For those who need more intensive care and supervision, around-the-clock and live-in services are available.

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